Our Vision

The job-search is stressful, long, un-welcome and we are doing something about it. Our goal is to give job-seekers the best set of tools and guidance to make their search as short and painless as possible. Organization is one of the keys of being succesful, and we’ve integrated everything a job-seeker needs into one website. Tools are only part of the solution, you have to have an approach that actually works that’s why we built a step-by-step process that users can follow and use the best strategies to find their next job.

This isn’t a magic bullet that will suddenly find you a job. BUT it is based on best practices and industry data you’ll not see on other websites. Finding a job is your job, helping you get there as quickly and painlessly as possible is ours.

Who we are

Simon Clay Michael has over 20 years of international operational expertise coupled with a deep understanding of the technical aspects and needs of organizatioins. Simon has successfully led consulting engagements at Wells Fargo, AT&T Broadband, Chase Manhattan, UBS and Cendant, creating performance measurements, processes and procedures that drove performance improvement and increased profits. His expertize is in resolving operational needs with behavioral and technical solutions.
Simon has served in various management and leadership roles in the UK and the US with companies such as American Express and Perfomix Technolgies, and in an advisory role to several startups in the Boston Area.