• How To Stand Out At Your Next Job
    With an ever-growing workforce, conditions in the job market are getting tougher.
  • How To Stand Out At Your Next Job
    With an ever-growing workforce, conditions in the job market are getting tougher.

Always write a thank you note

As with many areas of life, it's sometimes the little things that matter in job interviews. Following up after your interview is of course important, but how you do it makes a difference..

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Keep your mind off your last job

According to many interviewers, a lot of job seekers veer into dangerous territory when discussing their previous jobs. You shouldn't take a job interview as an opportunity.

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professionally without being cold

In the vast majority of interviews, demonstrating professional behaviour including appropriate dress is vitally important. While many modern companies have very relaxed standards of dress.

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Always do your homework

You're probably already aware of the importance of familiarizing yourself with the company where you have applied and the work it does, before you show up for an interview..

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fresh works

It's never easy to land a good job, and some of the most employable people in the world struggle to get through the interview process.

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How to Write a Resume That Will Get You Hired

When you're applying for a job, a resume is one of your most important tools. A well-written resume can present your experience and education in a way that shows how you can benefit a company.

The order

When writing your resume, put your education and employment history in a logical order. If you have more education than employment history, then list the education first.


Be truthful

All the information on your resume should be truthful. You don't want to embellish your accomplishments, but you also don't want to downplay them. Take time to think over the responsibilities

Take your time

You should prepare your resume in advance. Don't wait until the last minute. When you know you're going to start job-hunting you should begin making a list of your past employers, education and experience.

Stick with tradition

A traditional style is black ink on a white page. The print is a standard font. The page is easy to read and sections divide the experience, education and employment history.

Multiple resumes

If you're applying for one type of job, then you only need one type of resume. However, many people want to apply for a number of different jobs that are relevant to their field and so need to create more than one resume..

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